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Mizoram, land of the Mizo/Chhinlung tribal group. These descendants of the Tribe of Manasseh and perhaps the Tribe of Ephraim have handed down a tradition that they are the sons of Manasseh. In 1894 the first British missionaries came, Lorraine and Savige and within five decades nearly all Mizos had recognized their Messiah.

Early missionary ‘Sap’ David from Lunglei had told his wife not to inform the Chhinlung that they thought they (the Chhin) were Israelites. The cook overheard them and remembered. His son told the story directly to Pi Zaithanchhungi, the researcher of the Mizo/Israel identity. “Zaithanchhungi, Zaii. Israel-Mizo Identity: Mizos (Chhinlung Tribes) Children of Menashe are the Descendants of Israel. Mizoram: L.N. Thuanga “Hope Lodge”, 2008.” This hiding of their Ephraimite roots was a mistake in my opinion. Instead of combining their faith in Isua Kristan within their few Hebrew traditions, the missionaries introduce Western worship and traditions and forbade their tribal customs and feast days. This was relaxed after sometime. Whilst, in no way were these feasts Jewish, they were traditions that were passed down that could have shone greater light on their identity.

Fortunately, Pi Zaithanchhungi, whom we will refer to as Pi Zaii, met Rabbi Elihayu Avichail (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shavei_Israel) on a trip to Israel in the early 1980’s. It was R. Avichail whom asked Pi Zaii to do some research back in Mizoram. At the time Pi Zaii was unconvinced that the Mizos were indeed Israelites.  As she was highly educated (School headmistress) and she was at that time a life insurance sales woman with some of the highest sales results in all of India. This proved to be just the right combination for this knowledge to come to light. This serendipity resulted in her travelling from village to village across Mizoram in the course of her work and spending her night times in those same villages interviewing all the people who were 85 years old and over, many already having reached one hundred years old. In the early 1980’s, these old people’s births’ had predated the arrival of the missionaries. This is very important as some people view the missionaries as the initiators of the Mizo/Israelite identity. As you can understand by my research that the exact opposite was the truth. The early missionaries hid their suspicions from the Mizos. Pi Zaii conducted her research according to the manner and request of R. Avichail so that the answers would not be biased one way or another. When I interviewed her on this subject she said “After a very short time I changed my mind” ( referring to her previously held view that the Mizos were NOT Israelite). She told me that over and over again the old ones said their parents and grandparents had told them stories that confirmed they were ‘sons of Manasseh’.

In the  the 1950’s a prophet by the name of Chala had had a vision where he was shown that the Mizos were Israel. The Jewish agency was contacted and eventually R. Avichail came with other Jewish researchers. Two synagogues have been founded in the city of Aizawl by Jewish groups and some Christian organizations have been partnering with these Jewish groups. Unfortunately, these Christians groups have not understood that at the end of the nineteenth century, Isua Kristan (Yeshua ha Mashiach) through the work of British and particularly Welsh missionaries had already found them. It was indeed divine providence that the Welsh came for the Welsh shared similar linguistic sounds with the Chhinlung and were able to develop a working alphabet and subsequently translate the bible into their language. Both Welsh and the Mizos have guttural sounds that are frequently found in Hebrew.

Margot Crossing first travelled to Mizoram in 2007 for Passover and has been there twelve times in total. Margot often resides at the home of Pi Zaii and has met numerous people who have independent knowledge confirming the Mizo/Israelite identity.

After God called Margot to travel to Mizoram in 2007 with her husband, a very significant thing happened. Two days after booking and paying for all the flights for the ten days they were to spend on their first ever trip there [not knowing anyone nor if what Margot was hearing was accurate] her husband informed her that a TV show was airing later in the week on NE India. They both sat up in bed late that night and to both their delights it was 1. on the state they were going to 2. the same city and 3. the message was regarding the controversy of the Christians in Mizoram converting to Judaism. It was this message the God had mandated her with for the people of Mizoram….. “Don’t change sticks!” for they were already the stick of Joseph and had already come back into the Olive tree of Israel through the covenanting blood of Messiah Yeshua.

Below is the BBC show that aired on ABC Australian TV Foreign Correspondent 27th February 2007

https://youtu.be/fS0RQG5FMuE  BBC Peter Lloyd India – Jews of Mizoram

http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/content/2007/s1880957.htm  Transcript

Further study ….https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bnei_Menashe

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