Sons of Zion against the Sons of Greece

Today we are going to look at a BIG picture end time view. Some of these concepts may be “out there” but it is always worth considering all points of view to have a rounded understanding. To put it another way let us ‘chew the meat and spit out the bones’.

In this blog I am going to hypothesize that the ‘Sons of Zion’ are all mankind. New Creations and those pre-New Creations – in other words, Sons of Adam. In other places in the blog site I write about the two fold destiny of Israel. The House of Judah, visible and attached to the Torah or teachings of God. And the House of Israel (ten [not so] lost tribes), pushed to the ends of the earth to be a blessing to all families through their intermarriage or the mingling of their DNA with those families in other nations at the ends of the earth. What may be the importance of this, you may ask? I think it is so that God can ‘legally’ bring the Goodnews of Jesus Christ to their seed because they are legal descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob now. With this Goodnews of the Messiah, comes the ability to be a NEW CREATION. A change of DNA. Any bad DNA replaced by Yeshua’s DNA. Perfect! Holy. A miracle even. GRACE to mankind. Two houses, two destinies of the whole house of Israel that we shall call the Sons of Zion in this blog.

So who are the ‘Sons of Greece’?  Hollywood continually feeds us all with the stories and myths of the ancients and particularly Greek gods. Here is just one of thousands of web pages dedicated to that end. 13 MOVIES BASED ON MYTHOLOGY THAT YOU MUST SEE  Following is but a short list of movies, continually reviving our collectives memories of the myths of yesteryear:- Hercules, Prometheus, Clash of the Titans, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief, Thor, Black Orphesus, Stargate, etc.. Why?

Old buildings, often built by the Freemasons, adorn their eaves with gargoyles and mythical creatures. Why?


Who are these Sons of Greece that the bible refers to?

I hypothesize that they are the offspring of the Watchers from the book of Enoch. Or the Sons of God from Genesis 6 mating with the daughters of men and producing the men of renown, or the giants. They are the ‘they’ in the verse from Daniel. “..and they will mingle themselves with the seed of men, but they will not cleave one to another.” Dan2:43 They have made their way to the top of our civilization. They are in banking, royal families, powerful dynasties and key positions in government, multinationals and the Vatican.

Scientific communities and governments are paving the way for trans-humanism and post humanism. Will they create chimeras for the disembodied spirits of the dead giants to come back into? Will they open a Stargate to the Abyss with CERN? What and who are in Antartica?

Is mankind about to clash with the Sons of Greece?

Now the good news.

God our heavenly Father has a great plan. In the parable of the wheat and the tares the enemy has planted seed among the wheat. When it all ripens the tares are pulled up and burnt and then the wheat is brought into the barn. Can we say Hallelujah? We are yet to see a world wide harvest of mankind whose genes contain the DNA of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob where the heaven is God’s throne and the earth is his footstool. Little wonder that Isaiah proclaims, “from whence did these children come”, and “this place is too small for us”. Now the footstool is a picture of the arc of the covenant in the Holy of Holies. Extrapolating, the arc in the Holy of Holies is to be a typology of the future when all the earth is dwelling with God and all mankind  [as the Sons of Zion] have defeated the Sons of Greece. Israel will have indeed lengthened her tent pegs (Isaiah 54:2) and taken dominion of all the earth (Genesis 1:28) and brought back the purpose that Adam and Eve had been given in the garden. That purpose was to bring the kingdom of heaven onto the earth in greater and greater measure.

Other research:-  Gen 6 Productions youtube channel.

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