The bride of Mizoram

Father is getting a bride for his Son from every nation, tribe and tongue. It is so acutely evident that he is doing so with the Mizo Tribe of north- east India.

25 As for husbands, love your wives, just as the Messiah loved the Messianic Community, indeed, gave himself up on its behalf, 26 in order to set it apart for God, making it clean through immersion in the mikveh, so to speak, 27 in order to present the Messianic Community to himself as a bride to be proud of, without a spot, wrinkle or any such thing, but holy and without defect. 28 This is how husbands ought to love their wives — like their own bodies; for the man who loves his wife is loving himself. 29 Why, no one ever hated his own flesh! On the contrary, he feeds it well and takes care of it, just as the Messiah does the Messianic Community, 30 because we are parts of his Body. 31 “Therefore a man will leave his father and mother and remain with his wife, and the two will become one.”[a] 32 There is profound truth hidden here, which I say concerns the Messiah and the Messianic Community. Ephesians 5

Many years ago, twenty to be precise, I was called to pray for a people group in NE India who were, as the report said, descended from the tribe of Manasseh. Ten years later I found myself visiting them for the first time. On the day I bought my air tickets to travel to Mizoram, my husband, who was travelling with me, informed me of an upcoming TV program to be aired on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The ABC’s Foreign Correspondent program entitled Jews of Mizoram -India , [archived here 27th February 2007,] was just the encouragement I needed to have the confidence to travel to this isolated restricted area of India. Video clip here

I was more than happy to find the state of India as well as the city featured in the video as there was a choice of two states and any number of cities that I could have picked from that had Menashe descendants in them. However, the real ‘kicker’ was that the entire program was on the very subject that God had asked me go and speak to. That particular message to the people from Him was wrapped up in the very controversy that this show was highlighting.

You see the entire population, who had all become Christian after the Welsh missionaries had arrived in the late 1800’s , now had members realizing that they were part of the Lost Tribes of Israel and some of them were converting to Judaism. My message to them was “Don’t convert to Judaism” and subsequently “Don’t change sticks” as they had a role to play as the House of Israel/Ephraim who had becomes ‘sons of the living God’ as per Hosea 1:10, Romans 9:24-26 etc.

That role I believe is being part of the Bride of Christ, or if you prefer, the betrothed of Messiah.

That particular aspect was highlighted on my 2008 trip with a team of five Aussie women. We were there as invited guests for the Jubilee event to repent for the lack of sabbatical rest years, as this was the fiftieth year since the famine of 1958, brought about by the bamboo flowering every 50 years and causing a rat plague. As we were there at Passover, we put on the feast for the Beit Israel congregation, that Rabbi Jonathan Cahn had set up in 2001. As part of the Passover we had banner worship and we also performed a prophetic wedding with local Mizo youth acting the parts of bride, groom, attendants etc..

One of the five women enjoyed the prophetic wedding so much that she duplicated it at her Worship Conference in Australia later that year.

My son met my translator, a sweet young Mizo girl, in 2015 on trip to India which he had accompanied me on. They fell in love and he proposed and they were married in February on this year, 2017. At the buying of the bride ceremony before the wedding I told the extended family of the two prophetic weddings in 2008, one in Mizoram and the other in Australia. What neither the bride to be nor my son knew at that point was each had been a major participant in the two weddings. You see my son had acted the part of Jesus as the Bridegroom in the Aussie event and my daughter-in-law to be had acted the part of the Bride representing the church in the Mizo event.


Just so we all did not miss the importance of what the Father was wanting to do with His Mizo Bride – the whole ethic tribal group of Mizoram – one of our friends had had a dream just before leaving Australia for India. In the dream she was leaving for India but her bags were not ordered properly. She repacked her bags and felt confident. Next she was watching a man and a woman on a pontoon attached to the land. The woman gave birth to a baby, placenta before the baby. Many people were in the surrounding area.

She thought nothing of the dream until she attended the wedding. The wedding took place on a small island in a small lake attached by a narrow arched bridge. It looked somewhat like a pontoon attached to the mainland. The Mizo people had the same faces as those in the dream. As they do not have the typical Indian features, but more SE Asian or Mongolian type features, my friend was unaware what they looked like until she arrived.

Whilst I am not sure what all the elements of the dream mean as yet, I do know that God is wanting to birth a fresh revelation of the church [the House of Israel] in Mizoram as the Bride of Christ.

I pray that the Bride in Mizoram will fall deeply in love with her Bridegroom and together they will bring many more of the Father’s children into the Kingdom.






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    Margot Crossing has more “hands on” experience with an identified remnant of the “Lost Tribes of Israel” than anyone else I know. In fact, her son married into the tribe! In this story of the wedding, Margot relates the prophetic picture it presents. She also makes a very important point to all awakening Hebrews: “Don’t change sticks.” The nation of Israel is Jewish at its core, but the nation remains incomplete without the non-Jewish part. That is why the returning people of the House of Israel (known also as Joseph and Ephraim) cannot convert to Judaism. If we do, then the nation remains incomplete, and the promises of God remain unfulfilled.

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