It Is Finished

“It is finished”, the final words of Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah, “the Lamb of God”, as John the Baptizer stated, “who takes away the sins of the world”. It is the time of the Passover Lamb. In fact the High Priest is in the temple at the very same time and he too is, no doubt, exhausted. You see, the High Priest has been at the temple all day overseeing the more than 250,000 Pesach Lambs that were being sacrificed for the Passover. His three official duties were: the Morning Sacrifice at the third hour [9am]; the Evening Sacrifice, usually at 3pm but today, because of Passover, at noon, the sixth hour; and the Passover Lamb on behalf of Israel at the ninth hour [3pm].

Yeshua is the Passover Lamb today. He is nailed to the altar at 9am, the third hour, the time of the Morning Sacrifice. As the High Priest sacrifices the Evening Sacrifice at noon the sky goes dark. It stays dark until the Passover Lamb is Sacrificed. This is when the High Priest stretches out his arms and says, “It is finished.”

You see, Yeshua was not just the Passover Lamb today but He was also the Great High Priest a well. Elohim was making sure that nothing was left for man to ‘muck up’.

Priest High

Over the Week of Unleavened Bread, I spent hours upon hours researching the lineage of Yeshua.

Yes we know from Matthew that His line is of the House of David. He was king of the Jews, as Pilate wrote on the sign above His cross.

From Luke we see His lineage go back through Heli, Zerubabbel to Nathan and David to Seth and Adam.

My question was, “What He actually the High Priest legally?”

Well follow me as I share with what I discovered. [P.S. Herod plays an unwitting part in this.]

Herod, an Idumaen, son of Antipater I,  had gained power and was in Rome being made King of Judea. His brother Joseph V, was killed in a Hasmonean rebellion. The year was 37 BCE.

On his return to Judea, Herod quilled the rebellion, killing many of the Hasmonean Davidic Princes.

The Hasmoneans were the descendants of the Maccabees. Those brave men who had overthrown the Syrian forces that had Hellenized Judea and set up a statue to Zeus in the temple. The story of Hanukkah celebrates this. The Hasmoneans had become corrupt after many generations of consolidating the priesthood and the kingship into one leader.

In 37 BCE he sent Jacob ben Matthan to Egypt, [remember this name], to be his envoy. Although a Davidic Prince, Jacon ben Matthan was not in the line of the “All Jewish” kings. Ezra had decreed, at the time of the Babyloian return that the men had to put away their non Jewish wives. Zerubabbel, the governor and rightful king, had two non Jewish wives. We’ll get back to this later.

Whilst in Egypt, Jacob ben Matthan, married Cleopatra VIII. She was the daughter of Cleopatra VII of Egypt. Cleopatra VII had gone to Rome with her son from the union of Julius Caesar, after he was murdered, to try and claim the throne from Octavian – Augustus Caesar. She was returned to Egypt and her son disappeared en-route. She was pregnant at the time and this daughter, born shortly after Julius Caesar’s death, was thought to be his.

So here is Jacob ben Matthan, of the Abuidite line from non-Jewish mothers, marrying the daughter, Cleopatra VIII, from the union of Cleopatra VII and Julius Caesar. Herod recalls Jacob ben Matthan back to Jerusalem to be Patriarch of Jerusalem. They have three boys after they move back to Jerusalem. Cleopatra VIII is also known as Cleopatra of Jerusalem or Esther of Jerusalem. They are an important family.

The boys were Joseph ben Jacob and twins boys, Ptolas and Cleopas.

About this time a crisis happens. The Onaid and Tobaidite lineages from Zerubabbel’s Jewish wife, Esthra, become extinct. There are no longer male heirs. The Sanhedrin meets and allows the lines from Zerubabbel’s first and second wives to become legal Davidic Princes. Now Jacob ben Matthan, from the Abuidite line from Zerubabbel’s first wife, Amytis, become a legal heir to David’s throne. Therefore, so too his eldest son, Joseph.

Also, in 37 BCE Herod decides to bring back from Egypt, the legal lineage of High Priests of Onias V, son of Onias III, deposed illegally during Antiochas Epiphanie’s reign. There had been a parallel temple service at Leontopolis in Egypt as Isaiah had prophesied in chapter 19 verse 19.

Isaiah 19:19 In that day there will be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the LORD near its border

Boethus, the son of Hananeel from Leontopolis, Egypt, becomes the 56th High Priest in Jerusalem. This works well for Herod as he is trying to circumvent the power of the Hasmonean priest/king dominance. Boethus’ first son, Ananelus, is 57th High Priest for a short time. There is no issue. Then the grandson, Yehoshua III, by the Boethus’ second son, Fabi,  becomes 59th High Priest. [The 58th High Priest is a Hasmonean who is drowned in a pool party after a very short time in office.]

During this time, Herod is killing any and all claims or possible claims to the throne.

Yehoshua, 59th High Priest, serves from 36 BCE to 23 BCE. He has three daughters. (H)annah, Elizabeth and Joanna aka Jane.

If Herod had not changed the High Priestly hereditary rules then Hannah, Elizabeth and Joanna, could pass their father’s lineage to their sons, if their fathers are of the same family.

These are the rules Herod changed: 1. Hereditary, father to son  and 2. High Priest for life.

So, let’s see what would happen if Yehoshua III’s daughter carry their fathers lineage to their sons.

Yehoshua III 59th High Priest 36 BCE to 23 BCE

  1. Hannah marries Heli aka Alexander II Helois son of  Matthan ben Levi  and Queen Alexandra, last Hasmonean ruler of Jerusalem. Their daughter is Mary.
  2. Elizabeth marries a Priest, Zachariah, they have one son in their old age.
  3. Joanna has three daughters.

In 23 BCE Yehoshua III is deposed or killed, Jacob ben Matthan, Patriarch of Jerusalem, is killed as is Heli [Alexander II Helios]. The children of Yehoshua are secreted away to Hezekiah’s fortified home in Galilee as too are Jacob ben Matthan’s boys, Joseph and the twins.

Heli’s daughter Mary has married Joseph the son of the Jacob ben Matthan and Heli has legally adopted him.

Elizabeth has a son who can claim the High Priest by Torah law. His name is John the Baptizer. He is killed by Herod. No Issue. Now the other two daughters, Hannah and Joanna have daughters. Hannah is the eldest, so her daughter, Mary has a son, Yeshua. He is now in the lineage to be legally High Priest.

So when Yeshua comes to John to be baptizer, John a legal heir to be High Priest is ceremonially declaring Yeshua to be the rightful heir after him. For righteousness sake, as Yeshua said. So when Herod had John imprisoned and killed Yeshua lawfully become the High Priest.

His High Priest tunic was not torn but was taken whole by the casting of the lots, unlike Caiaphas’ tunic which was torn.  Caiaphas had disqualified himself from the office of High Priest, the night before, through the tearing of this special garment.

So now we come back to the Passover Lamb. This lamb takes away the sins of the world and not just Israel. The High Priest puts out his arms and says, “It is finished”. On the altar, Yeshua is not just the sacrifice, but he is also the High Priest, not just spiritually but also legally from a Torah point of view.


So what has Elohim done to include the world?

In making Joseph, the adopted father of Yeshua, He has included the last Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra VII of Egypt, as Yeshua’s great grand mother and Julius Caesar the first Caesar of Rome as his great grandfather. Cleopatra VIII or Cleopatra of Jerusalem is his grandmother and Jacob ben Matthan, Patriarch of Jerusalem of the Abuidite line as his grandfather. The Abuidite line goes back through Zerubabbel’s first wife, Amytis. She is the daughter of King Evil-Merodach and granddaughter of King Nebuchadnezzar and Median Princess Amytis.

In making Mary the mother of Yeshua, Elohim has made the way for the office of High Priest to be passed to her son, through her mother, Hannah as daughter of the High Priest, Yehoshua III. As the daughter of Heli, Mary includes the last Hasmonean ruler, Queen Alexandra II, as her grandmother and the Davidic line through Matthan ben Levi as her grandfather. These are Yeshua’s great grandparent as is Yehoshua III 59th High Priest.

No wonder Yeshua cries, “It is finished”.

He has made the way for the world to be reconciled to Elohim, not just the Jews with Jewish mothers but all mankind.

He has made the way for the offspring of the House of Israel, who have dispersed through out all the earth, marrying into all the families, to become ‘Sons of the Living God’ again. Yeshua modeled it. We follow Him. Whatever He did and even greater.

Pushing back the domain of the Prince of this World and brokering the Kingdom of Heaven in its place.

Someone say HALLELUYAH


Special thanks for all the work of Robert Mock MD.

Robert Mock MD writes….

We’ve always had the hint of the Levitical and priestly ancestry of Miriam, yet the full implications that she was a granddaughter of the high priest of Israel is only being realized.  The implications on a realization of our understanding, that the God of Israel found it important that His Son that He sent to this earth would be of both Davidian bloodlinesblended with the authentic bloodlines of the descendants of Zadok the High Priest has yet to be discussed nor comprehended. 

Excerpt from chapter four

Though the Maccabean family came from priestly lineage, they were not descendants of the approved hereditarial lineage from the oldest son of the high priest, the House of Zadok, the high priest of King David.  When the Sadducees allied themselves with the Maccabeans, they posed themselves as defenders of conservative Torah law interpreters.  The conflicts with the messianic aspirations of the family of Jesus (Yehoshua) came in part that Jesus’ lineages were “tainted” with Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian, Greek, Egypt, and Roman bloodlines.

With modern orthodox Jews defending the “strict” Torah interpretations by Ezra the scribe of the law that stated to be of Jewish blood, your mother had to be Jewish, they in essence become defenders of the School of Shammai.  Yet, Shammai’s Torah rulings were also voided after the destruction of Jerusalem, because the “voice of the Lord” proclaimed to the Great Sanhedrin that the official voice of the God of Israelwould be given by descendants and disciples of the famed Jewish Nasi, or president of the Great Sanhedrin, Hillel the Great.


It was within the context of these great debates between the disciples of Hillel and the disciples of Shammai that Jesus (Yahshua) confronted so vigorously the disciples of Beit Shammai (School of Shammai).   There during His ministry in Jerusalem, and on the hillsides overlooking the Sea of GalileeJesus stood as a solid rock in defense of the Torah teachings of the Great Hillel. 

It is interesting by getting a glimpse through genealogies, that Prince Shammai was also a Davidian prince.  Yet, his ancestral lineage was already doomed for extinction. Shammai’s grandfather, Yude III (Jude III) had three sons, Matthias (Mattai), Shamaiah, and Abtalyon (Prollion).   Prince Jude III was the 49th Patriarch of Israel and his three sons, Matthias, Shamaiah, and Abtalyon shared the responsibilities as the 50th Patriarchs of Israel.  They were destined to become the last remnant of the royal house of David that descended from strict all Jewish lineages.


Note well

Matthan ben Levi, Mary’s grandfather, has a half brother who is the rich merchant, Joseph of Arimethea.

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