John the Baptist – greatest prophet Yeshua our Great High Priest

John the Baptist – greatest prophet

Yeshua our Great High Priest


John the Baptist was the greatest prophet, at that moment, according to Yeshua (Jesus).

However, as Yeshua was about to usher in the Kingdom Age, he said that the least in the Kingdom would be greater than John the Baptist.

On this Yom Kippur, let’s look at John as an High Priest. He is the cousin of Yeshua and we know that Yeshua is our Great High Priest. Yeshua is in the Order of Melchizadek with no mother nor father. How can that be? It is in the divine nature that Yeshua acts on our behalf continually in the heavenly Tabernacle, always making atonement for us.

To not understate this revelation, nor the importance of  the order of Melchizadek, Yehovah also brought the earthly priestly lines to a focus in Yeshua.

Robert Mock M.D. in his work together with genealogist, David Hughes, brings compelling evidence together to make the case that John the Baptist was the legitimate High Priest. This would explain why Yeshua(Jesus) must be baptized by him. John is passing on the title to his cousin on the event of his own death. And die he does. John writes from prison to his cousin, “Are you the one? Or should we expect another?” The reply comes, “The lame walk, the blind see and blessed are those who are not offended on account of me. ” John must die, an offence, so his cousin can gain the legitimate title of High Priest.

King Herod brings back the Zodak High Priest lineage to Jerusalem

So, let’s look at what makes it possible for John to be the High Priest. Strangely, it is King Herod that brings back the legal line from Leonopolis, in  Egypt in 37 BC. At the time of the Maccabees, Onias III  the flees for his life to Egypt after his brother purchases the office from the Syrian overlords. It is, however, Menelaus that procures the office of High Priest when he was not even in the Levitical line with the promise of payment of the temple implements.

Office of High Priest is disrupted at the time of Antiochus IV Epiphanes

Antiochus IV Epiphanes is the Syrian ruler at this time and history reports Menelaus as having aided and abetted him in the plunder of the temple…….

Antiochus regarded this proceeding as an affront upon his majesty, and, having been compelled by the Romans to leave Egypt, he marched against Jerusalem, massacred the inhabitants, and plundered the Temple; in this he is said to have been assisted by Menelaus.

According to II Maccabees, it was Menelaus who persuaded Antiochus to Hellenize the Jewish worship, and thereby brought about the uprising of the Judeans under the guidance of the Maccabees

After the revolt and victory of the Maccabees against the Syrians and the re-dedication of the temple which we celebrate at Hanukkah, Judas Maccabee takes on the role of High Priest. He and his descendants are known as the Hasmonians.

List of High Priests

  • Onias III, son of Simon II, (?-175 BC), murdered 170 BC
  • Jason, son of Simon II,  and younger brother to Onias III -172 BC (the last of the Zadokite dynasty)
  • Menelaus, 172-165 BC  Not a Levite but from Benjamin.
  • Judas Maccabeus, son of Mattathias, 165-162 BC (held the office after the consecration of the Temple)

It is not long before the illegitimate line from Judas Maccabees shows corruption. The heirs fuse state and religion together in High Priest and King. Meanwhile, the legitimate line from Onias IV is continuing in a parallel Levitical system in Leonopolis in Egypt.

Hasmonean dynasty

And it is Herod, trying to diminish the political power of the Hasmonians, that restores the Zodak High Priestly lineage by bringing them back to Jerusalem from Egypt.

Boethus, the Zodakian priest, becomes 56th High Priest in 37 BC,  his son Ananelus 57th,  and then Antigonus, son of Aristobulus II,  from the Hasmonians is briefly 58th High Priest – he was murdered by drowning at a pool party by Herod’s men. 

So it is Joshua III ben Fabi (Fabi 2nd son of Boethus) that becomes 59th High Priest in 36 BC. Also known as Yehoshua III, he keeps this role until 23 BC. It is at this time that Herod either kills or deposes him in 23 BC. 

Herod changes the laws of hereditary and tenure

Here, once again, Yehovah will uses Herod to do His work. Herod removes two of the precepts of the High Priest. 1. Hereditary 2. Life time tenure. Many of the Davidian princes are killed by Herod during the purge of 23 BC. However, Yehoshua III has three daughters, that are not seen as a threat.

  1. Hannah who marries Heli ben Matthan, son of Alexandra II, (aka Elizabeth of Jerusalem) who is the Queen and last Hasmonian ruler. Heli’s father is a Levite….Matthan ben Levi. Hannah and Heli have a daughter called Miriam. (Heli is aka Alexander III Helios and is the half brother of Joseph of Aremithia).
  2. Elizabeth marries a Levite called Zachariah. They have a son named John. Through adoption John becomes heir to Yehoshua III.
  3. Jane or Joanne. She also has only daughters.

John the Baptist legal heir to High Priest, Yehoshua III

Now we see that John, Elizabeth and Zachariah’s son is the legal heir to Yehoshua III. However, Herod does not recognise him and he survives in the desert.

Now we see why Yeshua (Jesus) must be baptised by him so that all righteousness will be fulfilled.

So, who is John’s heir? Why, the son of his mother’s elder sister, Hannah. Heli is also of the Levite line and as husband to Yehoshua’s eldest daughter, Heli is also adopted by Yehoshua III.

Now when their only daughter, Miriam marries Joseph ben Jacob, Joseph becomes Heli’s son by Levitical law. Miriam’s son Yeshua/Jesus inherits the High Priestly role after John’s beheading.

Now we can see why John was called the greatest prophet. He heralds the Messiah.

Yeshua, heir to John the Baptist as High Priest

Yeshua, as High Priest, presides over his own earthly sacrifice as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.


Priest High


Another great prophecy of John’s.

It is the eternal role as Great High Priest in the Order of Melchizadek that Yeshua/Jesus continually makes atonement and intersession for us in the heavenly tabernacle, that isn’t corrupted by human hands. Halleluyah.



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